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  • Ebola takes big toll on already poor health care

    In this photo taken on Friday, Aug. 29, 2014, a health worker measures a patient's temperature at the Connaught Hospital, which has suffered the loss of medical workers in the past from the Ebola virus, in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Dr. Sheik Humarr Khan was one of those on the front lines of the Ebola outbreak. The tireless Khan was jovial but forceful, doling out praise and criticism to junior doctors at his hospital. But Khan became infected and died, and so have at least 120 other medical workers in Sierra Leone and in three other countries, creating immediate and long-term impacts in a region that already had an understaffed and under equipped health care system. (AP Photo/ Michael Duff)FREETOWN, Sierra Leone (AP) — When the dreaded Ebola virus began infecting people in the Sierra Leone town of Kenema, Dr. Sheik Humarr Khan and his team were on the front lines. After stepping out of his protective suit following hours on a sweltering ward, he would jump on the phone to coordinate with the Ministry of Health, to deal with personnel issues and tend to hospital business.

  • Liberian Ebola survivor praises experimental drug

    A woman, center, reacts as she and others celebrate on the streets outside of West Point, that have been closed in by Liberian security forces to stop all movement the past week in a attempt to control the Ebola outbreak in Monrovia, Liberia, Saturday, Aug. 30, 2014. Liberia says it will open up a slum in its capital where thousands of people were barricaded to contain the spread of Ebola. Information Minister Lewis Brown says lifting the quarantine Saturday morning will not mean there is no Ebola in the West Point Slum. (AP Photo/Abbas Dulleh)MONROVIA, Liberia (AP) — A Liberian health worker who recovered from Ebola after receiving an experimental drug urged the manufacturer to speed up its production and send it to Africa, while crowds celebrated in the streets Saturday after authorities reopened a slum that had been barricaded for more than a week to try to contain the disease.

  • New Novartis drug may upend heart failure treatment
    By Ben Hirschler BARCELONA (Reuters) - A new medicine from Novartis could replace drugs that have been central to treating heart failure for a quarter of century, after proving remarkably effective in reducing deaths in a keenly awaited study. “Given the survival advantage of LCZ696 over currently available drugs, once this drug becomes available, it would be difficult to understand why physicians would continue to use traditional (drugs) ... for the treatment of heart failure," said Milton Packer of the University of Texas. There has been little progress for more than a decade in treating chronic heart failure, in which the heart fails to pump enough blood around the body, so there is excitement about the new medicine among both doctors and investors. ESC officials flagged the PARADIGM-HF trial as a highlight of the five-day event in Barcelona and Piotr Ponikowski of the Medical University of Wroclaw, who was not involved in the trial, urged a fast-track review of treatment guidelines given the "striking" finding.


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Visiting activity to Chiayi’s Special & Perfect Dental Clinic & Implant Center PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 09 December 2008
Visiting activity to Chiayi’s Special & Perfect Dental Clinic & Implant Center 
Taiwan Medical Tourism Development Association made a trip down south to Chiayi 
Author: EE
Time/location:2008.12.09/Special & Perfect Dental Clinic & Implant Center 
Taiwan Medical Tourism Development Association headed south to Chiayi to survey
the medical devices and equipments of Special & Perfect Dental Clinic & Implant
Center. TMTDA Secretary-General Lee Kun-lun and Director-General Chen Kuo-wen
also convened with the center director Wu Yao-tsung to discuss about future
▲[In the back row]Mr. Kuan Lun Li, President of TMTDA (the second one on the right)
; Mr. Guo Wun Chen, Executive Director of TMTDA (the first one on the left); Mr.
Sheng Tang Lin, Specialist of Science of TMTDA (the first one on the right); Mr.
Yao Tzung Wu, superintendent of Special & Perfect Dental Clinic and Implant Center
(the second one on the left); [In the back row] Ms. Ayumi Chang, Specialist of
project of TMTDA (the first one on the right);Ms. Yi Fen Li, Sales Marketing Leader
of Special & Perfect Dental Clinic and Implant Center (the first one on the left). 
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